Win a Comp-Gate40 a Week!

Want to win a brand new Comp-Gate40? It's easy!
We think the Comp-Gate is the toughest wastegate in the known universe. To prove it, we are putting out a duel challenge! Tell us who you think is worthy of going head to head against the mighty Comp-Gate in a no-holds-barred virtual duel. We're giving away one Comp-Gate40 every week to the best entry!

How to enter:
It couldn't be simpler, really. Just type Comp-Gate VS ..... and then your suggestion of a worthy opponent. It could be King Kong, Darth Vader, Godzilla - anything really! We will make an image and a story for our favorite entries and pick the best one at the end of every week! Good Luck!

Current Entries

Name: Turbosmart66

Comp-Gate Versus KingKong with Lazer Eyes


KingKong is a Big Bad Monkey - He is ALL MUSCLE and has Lazer-Cutting Eyes! But Comp-Gate is made of tough monkey-proof billet aluminium and belches FLAMING EXHAUST turning KingKong into a Crispy Fried Ape! COMP-GATE WINS!

Name: JasonKB

Comp-Gate Versus The Preditor


The double-jawed, camouflaged extraterrestial super-hunter might have given Arnie a good run for his money, but is no match for the Comp-Gate. In its “sleeper” guise, the Comp-Gate sneaks up on the Preditor and swallows him whole, burps and wipes its giant mouth with a palm leaf. Verdict: Comp-Gate wins easily.

Name: Sinkorswim17

Comp-Gate Versus Jimmy Page - of the Led Zeppelin fame


Having watched Crossroads and Chipmunks - the movie, Comp-Gate has no problems with disposing of Mr Page. Despite having no fingers, Comp-Gate pulls off a massive solo on its custom 4-neck guitar making Jimmy wish he had consulted it prior to writing Stairway to Heaven. Verdict: Comp-Gate keeps its mullet wig, gets all the chicks and appears nude on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Win.

Name: EVERYONE suggested this!

Comp-Gate Versus Chuck Norris


If there ever was a namesis for the Comp-Gate, it would be Chuck. With his legendary roundhouse kick to the head, Chuck gained a quick advantage, rattling the 7psi spring inside the Comp-Gate actuator housing. The Comp-Gate recovered quickly and with a quick kick to the nuts, it leaned down and burped right into Chuck’s nostrils. The lethal mix of racing fuel, trackside hot dogs and burnt rubber was too much for Chuck’s finely tuned body. He passed out and had to be carried away by the Mr Myagi and the Karate Kid. Embarrassing.

Name: RickI

Comp-Gate Versus MMA


MMA is where you find the biggest and baddest fighters of all time. After its signing to the sport just last week, Comp-Gate40 made its debut by knocking out its opponent in the first round in a record time of 0:01, becoming the greatest MMA champion of all time in the process!

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Name: TurboTrev

Comp-Gate Versus DARTH VADER


Darth Vader uses his mind-bending Jedi skills, but Comp-Gate is the smartest wastegate in the world - far too smart to be beaten so easily! Darth attacks Comp-Gate with his lightsaber, but even lightsaber cannot penetrate the super-hard billet aluminum of Comp-Gate! The Force is strong with Comp-Gate!

Name: BennyW

Comp-Gate Versus Osama Bin Laden


Osama’s faithful AK47 tries hard to get through the Comp-Gate's super-strong body, failing miserably. All it takes is one fiery belch from the Comp-Gate’s vast innards and Osama is done. Well done in fact.
Verdict: Comp-Gate wins, hands down!

Name: SuperVR4

Comp-Gate Versus The Incredible Hulk


The Hulk was always going to be a tough opponent. The overgrown, muscular, green humanoid held the Comp-Gate in a head lock for several hours not realising the Comp-Gate was actually having its regular afternoon nap. Awaken by the Hulk’s rather strong BO, the Comp-Gate quickly sliced off his arms and legs using a highly concentrated exhaust beam, then proceeded to lecture the limbless Hulk on the merits of using meditation to control his anger outbursts

Name: Brian

Comp-Gate Versus the BP Oil Spill


Spilling out at a rate of 70,000 barrels a day, it seemed like nothing was going to stop the BP oil spill... But then the Comp-Gate40 arrived, and used its tremendous flowing power to divert the oil in eco-friendly ways and saved the pelicans! Hooray for Comp-Gate!

Name: hessenc

Comp-Gate Versus the Big Bad Wolf


Still pumped after blowing the Three Little Pigs' house down, the Big Bad Wolf was quietly confident he could outblow the Comp-Gate. Big mistake. While nowhere near as big or heavy as the little pigs' house, Comp-Gate's enourmous flow capacity quickly made the Big Bad Wolf, huff, puff and then collapse in an asthmatic fit. Verdict: Comp-Gate outblows everything!